Roe V. Wade. 

Need I say more? How is it that we always move 2 steps forward and take 4 steps back in America? I think the world gets comfortable when things are going too good and the government has to shake things up a bit. Idk, that's just what I think. The fact that the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade is beyond me. Need I say more? How are we continuously moving backwardsWhat is America's obsession with the female body? Why are the decisions that we make regarding our bodies more important that gun control, homeless epidemic, and the fostercare overcrowding problem. The list could literally go on and on, but I digress. 

We have to stand firm in our beliefs and speak out against what we know is not right. This is one of those issues! We aren't going to be silent on this issue. They thought we were loud before, just wait until now!

I love my newly added tees! Represent what you beleive and stand in your truth!

 How tired of you of having to contantly fight for our rights? Sound off in the comments! Let's fuckin' talk about it!